1st University-Industry Collaboration Conference (UICC)

After three round table discussions organized annually on University-Industry Collaboration this is the first conference of University-Industry Collaboration organized by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre Mitrovica (IECM)



Scientific Topics

* Transforming ivory towers towards engaged and entrepreneurial universities

* Triple helix model vs. Quadruple helix model

* Structures and mechanisms supporting university-industry collaboration

* More innovative and inclusive education towards future skills

* Driving lifelong and entrepreneurial skills for the future

* Establishing and nurturing relationships with small and medium-sized enterprises

Case Study Topics

* Innovative forms of collaboration and partnerships

* University-Industry collaboration during COVID-19

* Connecting universities with their local, national, and international environment


* EU project schemes: University-industry collaborations on research and innovation

* How to publish in a prestigious journal together

  • *Trilicious: The Triple Helix Innovation Game

Discussion Panel

* Bridging incentives and intensifying University-Industry Collaboration


To be announced

Submission Guidelines


An abstract must be prepared in one paragraph that summarizes the key points of the

proposed paper in 150-250 words. Four to six pertinent keywords need to be added

after the abstract. The keywords should be lowercased and separated with a comma.

Abstracts that do not follow the word limit and specified format will not be accepted.


Times New Roman 16

Under title: Authors’ Name, Surname, and his/her affiliation (Times New Roman 12)


Microsoft Word (doc or docx), Times New Roman 12, 1.5 spacing, length min 150 words and max 250 words, A4 page size, 1-inch margin from all sides


Microsoft Word (doc or docx), Times New Roman 12, 1.5 spacing, A4 page size, 1- inch margin from all sides


Microsoft Word (doc or docx), Times New Roman 12, 1.5 spacing, A4 page size, 1- inch margin from all sides


Registration: 15th of February

Abstract submission: 20th of February

Paper submission: 15th of March

Conference days: 5 – 6 April


The University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini”


Mitrovica 40000, Str. Ukshin Kovaçica, No.1


Keynote Speakers

Arbërie Nagavci – Minister, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
Alush Musaj – Rector, University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini”
Mentor Pllana – Owner/Managing Director at BP HOME LLC
Berat Rukiqi – President, Kosovo Chamber of Commerce
Besart Hajrizi, Chair of the conference

Discussion Panelists

Behxhet Shala-  Co-chair of the conference
Agron Bajraktari – Rector, University of Applied Sciences Ferizaj
Merita Shala – Vice-Rector for Teaching, Student Affairs and Quality Development
Gani Durmishi – President, Kosovo Dairy Industry Association
Visar Idrizi – CEO & business owner at VIPrint
Besmir Salihu – Director, Employment Office in Mitrovica

Organizing committee

PhD c. Besart Hajrizi – Director, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center Mitrovica

Prof.Ass.Dr. Ajtene Avdullahi – Vice-rector for Budget and Finance

Ahmet Jashari – Director, Public Information and Communication Office

Arif Kadriu – Project Manager, Caritas Kosova

Dr. Maria Papadaki

Visar Idrizi – CEO & business owner at VIPrint 

Scientific committee

Prof.Dr. Behxhet Shala – Vice-Rector for International Cooperation and Research

Prof.Asoc.Dr. Milaim Sadiku, Dean, Faculty of Food Technology

Prof.Asoc.Dr. Qazim Tmava – Dean, Faculty of Economics

Prof.Asoc.Dr. Agron Beka – Dean, Faculty of Law

Prof.Dr. Naser Peci – Dean, Faculty of Geosciences

Prof.Ass.Dr. Bashkim Bellaqa – Vice-dean, Faculty of Economics

Prof.Asoc.Dr. Mensur Kelmendi, Vice-dean, Faculty of Food Technology

Prof.Asoc.Dr. Aferdita Berisha Shaqiri, Academic staff

Prof.Ass.Dr. Halil Bajrami, Academic Staff

Prof.Ass.Dr. Esat Durguti – Academic staff

Prof.Ass.Dr.Bajram Fejzullahu – Academic Staff

Prof.Ass.Dr. Shefket Jakupi – Academic staff

Prof.Ass.Dr. Ylber Januzaj – Academic staff

MSc. Milaim Mehmeti – Academic staff

MSc. Arif Krasniqi – Academic staff

PhD c. Fillorete Demiri – Academic staff

PhD c. Besë Sadikaj – Academic staff

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